A Sky Full of Thunderbolts


Sometimes life can be glorious. With all the depressing things our country has endured over the last few months, It’s hard not to get choked up with joy over the outpouring of good news that’s taken place over these past 2 weeks. Obamacare becomes the law of the land. The long overdue removal of the confederate flag, and drum roll please…the Supreme Court declares same-sex couples the right to marry in all 50 states.

I’m grateful that my LGBT friends and family are finally recognized by our country as the loving families and couples that they’ve always been.

I’m grateful that my son will feel free to choose love not based on what the government says, but what his heart says.

President Obama said it best, “Sometimes there are days like this, when that slow, steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a thunderbolt”.

Tonight we celebrate what makes this country great with a sky full off thunderbolts. Happy 4th of July! – Jill Topol

Go Shorty, It’s Your Earth Day!

Earth Day T-Shirts

While Mother’s Day is still over 2 weeks away, today we celebrate the “mom of all moms”, Mother Earth. To pay homage to this beautiful planet we call home, it’s time to show your mama some love. Instead of buying her a bouquet of flowers, plant some in her honor. Instead of driving the kids to school, enjoy a bike ride together. Instead of tossing that water bottle in the trash, recycle it. If we all started doing something small each day to help our environment, think of the big changes we could accomplish. Your mother would be so proud of you. – Jill Topol

1. Gnome Enterprises – Tree Hugger T-Shirt (size 2-12yrs) $24.00 www.gnomeenterprises.com
2. Peek – “Protect Our Forests” Baby Tee (size 3-24m) $24.00 www.peekkids.com
3. Peek – “Respect Your Mother” T-Shirt (size 2T – 14yrs) $34.00 www.nordstrom.com
4. Stella McCartney Kids – Lolly Rainbow T-Shirt (size 2-14yrs) $55.00 www.stellamccartney.com
5. Crewcuts – Girls’ Foil Earth Tee (size 2-14yrs) $34.50 www.jcrew.com
6. Peek – Woodsy Owl T-Shirt (size 3-24m) $24.00 www.peekkids.com

A Punk Rock Easter


Please enjoy this throwback to my favorite DIY Easter project. Inspired by the music from my youth.

Gabba Gabba Hey! It’s time for an old fashioned Punk Rock Easter. Slip on your combat boots. Throw on that kilt, and dye your hair pink like the Easter Bunny. Hard-boiled and hardcore, these punk inspired eggs are sure to make your kids Sid and Nancy scream for joy. – Jill Topol



  1. Hard Boiled Eggs
  2. Easter Egg Dye (I used PAAS Brand)
  3. A Colored Newspaper (try looking at financial & foreign papers)
  4. Safety Pins
  5. Color Copies of your Fave Music Icons
  6. Mod Podge (Matte Version)
  7. Sponge Brush
  8. Easter Basket


Dye your hard-boiled eggs pink, purple and yellow. While your eggs are drying, cut out your music icon images. You must cut slits all around your images in order for them to lay flat on your eggs. Remember you’re pasting a flat image on a curved surface!  Cover the back of your images with Mod Podge using your sponge brush and adhere to your eggs. Next cover the eggs in a thin coat of Mod Podge and let dry.

To make your punk rock grass, simply take your colored newspaper and run it through a paper shredder. Decorate your basket with safety pins and you’re ready to rock!




My Son Draculaura


My son Max is the most confident person I’ve ever met in my life. This year for his school Halloween party he went as Draculaura from Monster High. Choosing to dress as a female character is nothing new for him. At only 7 years old he’s already gone in costume as Princess Leia and Padmé Amidala from Star Wars, Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High and Catwoman. When he was younger he wasn’t the least bit concerned what his peers might think of his “girlie” choices, but as he’s getting older he’s starting to worry.

Kids (and some adults) can be so cruel and it’s finally starting to take a toll on him. A boy in a “girls” costume makes him an easy mark for bullies, and great gossip for the mommies. I know that I’m “feeding him to the wolves” when I let him go to a school function dressed as the opposite sex, but what’s my other option? Tell him he can’t be who he is because some dipshit little kids and their parents feel awkward around my son. Not gonna happen on my watch. Not while I’m his mommy.

Needless to say he ended up having a blast at the Halloween party. Max’s friends and their parents are amazing and have always accepted him with open arms, no matter how sparkly and fabulous he is. Yes, there were a few stares and whispers (mostly from parents), but as I’ve always tried to instill in my son, we can’t worry about what everyone else thinks. My kid is polite, sensitive, loving, and has a heart of gold. He is perfect.

Is my son straight, gay, bi, trans or a metrosexual in the making? I have no clue, but I do know whatever God (or whatever higher power) has intended him to be, he is incredible. He is stronger and more secure with himself than most adults. I can’t wait to see what beautiful costume he has in store for next year. I’m sure it will be fabulous. – Jill TopolOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


12 Best and Bizarre 70’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is only a few days away and the time has come to panic and run around like a chicken without a head as we scramble to find (and or make) that ultimate Halloween costume for our kiddos.

If only All Hallows’ Eve could be as easy as it was back in the 70’s. When a child’s costume consisted of a demented and somewhat creepy plastic character mask complete with matching smock purchased from the local five and dime store.

Let’s travel back to the age of disco and wood paneled station wagons as Super Goody Bag brings you the best in vintage 70’s Halloween costumes. Where coming of age meant having a Farrah Fawcett poster on your wall and Mr. Kotter as your favorite teacher. – Jill Topol

1. The Six Million Dollar ManSixMillionDollarManCostume

2. The Bionic WomanBionic Woman Costume

3. Donny OsmondDonny Osmond Costume and Mask

4. Marie OsmondMarie Osmond Mask Costume

5. The FonzFonzie The Fonz Costume

6. ChachiChachi Costume and Mask

7. The Love Boat’s Captain StubingCaptain Stubing Costume and Mask

8. The Village PeopleThe Village People Costume and Mask

9. Little House on the Prairie’s Laura IngallsLaura Ingalls Mask and Costume

10. Mr. KotterWelcome Back Kotter Mask and Costume

11. Welcome Back Kotter’s Vinnie BarbarinoVinnie Barbarino Mask and Costume

12. Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett Mask & Costume

Credits – Image: 1,2,3,10,11 & 12 http://www.dougspoitation.com, Image: 4 & 7 http://www.gravesandghouls.tumblr.com, Image: 8 http://www.quimbys.com

Happy 4th of July!


Happy Birthday, America! 

From all of us at Super Goody Bag.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Super Goody Bag


Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovebirds! May your day be filled with little candy hearts etched in messages of love. – Jill Topol

Best & Worst of 2013

Let’s raise our glass to the Best & Worst of 2013. A smorgasbord of the coolest and crappiest things that have made this year so special. Cheers! Jill Topol2013bestof


  1. Real Hardcover Books! – Because bedtime stories just aren’t the same on a Kindle.
  2. Monster High Dolls – The reason Barbie cries herself to sleep feeling inadequate.
  3. Hello Kitty Fashion – Cheers to the coolest cat in history. At 40 years old, this pretty kitty still makes little girls weak at the knees for every dress, accessory, doll and sticker with her likeness.
  4. Thanksgivukkah – 8 fun filled days of turkey with a side of latkes. Count me in!
  5. Lady Gaga & The Muppets – Legend has it that one of Jim Henson’s dreams before he died was to create a living breathing Muppet to coexist with his puppets. With talent beyond compare and a visual persona of all his colorful characters rolled into one ultimate being.
  6. Sanjay and Craig – The adventures of a boy and his best friend Craig (who’s a snake). As entertaining for adults as it is for the kiddos.
  7. Rainbow Loom – The rubber band DIY bracelet craze of the year. Look out for next year’s paper clip version.
  8. Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” – The utterly catchy sing in the shower, car and school hallway song of the year.
  9. SheZow – A boy that turns into a girl superhero. Here’s to acceptance!

The Worst of 2013


  1. Selfies – Photography 101: If you can see your arm stretched out with a cell phone in the foreground you are taking a lousy photo.
  2. Miley Cyrus’ Tongue – You are not Gene Simmons. I repeat…..you are not Gene Simmons. Put that thing away.
  3. Lunchables – Who came up with the genius idea that a cold mini pita topped off with shredded cheese, pepperoni and a pack of ketchup makes a pizza?
  4. The Death (& return from the dead) of Brian Griffin – Stop playing with our hearts Family Guy!
  5. Mountain Dew’s KickStart – The brilliant idea to wash down your Wheaties with a can of breakfast soda.
  6. The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood – Not one of “my favorite things”. Julie Andrews will always be Maria, and Carrie Underwood will always be the 4th season winner of American Idol.
  7. Ice Cream Magic – No magic here, unless “frosty chocolate milk” is slang for homemade ice cream.
  8. Hair Chalk – Dry dull colors that only work well on blonde hair, but appear bright and colorful on your skin, clothes and couch.
  9. Tummy Stuffers – A doll your kids stuff with anything and everything in their bedroom. Including a moldy peanut butter sandwich from 2 months ago.


RUUM Kid’s Wear Mega Sample Sale. Today 12/20/13


Attention all New York moms and dads. The mega hip kids wear line RUUM is having the sample sale of all sales today!!!

It’s time to fill up your fashion savvy kids closet with their favorite brand at prices so low it must be a Christmas miracle.


$10 Coats

$10 Sweaters

$7 Pants/Dresses/Skirts

$5 Woven Shirts

$3 Knit Shirts/Polos

And while you’re busy shopping for the kiddos, take a second to pamper yourself at the Nina sample sale. All the sparkle and glamour you’ve loved for years from this shoe and accessory legend at a savings of 70 – 80% off retail. Happy Holidays. xo, Jill       Ruum-holiday-lookbook



The Teenie Weenie Winter Beanie

Kids Knit Beanies

The countdown to Christmas is at hand. As we scramble to bake cookies for the mailman, and run ragged trying to finish our holiday shopping before the clock strikes 12 (and we all turn into a pumpkin).

To help ease the stress of the merriest day of the year, think of Super Goody Bag as your Santa’s Little Helper. With cool and unusual last minute gift ideas for all the little ones on your “nice” list.

While your kiddos definitely did not write Santa asking for a knit beanie, it’s still an awesome gift. Let their personality shine through with a quirky, fashion forward hat that they’ll sport all winter long. Guaranteed to not only keep their heads warm, but help build the ultimate snowman and skate like Brian Boitano. – Jill Topol

  1. H&M – Squirrel Knit Hat (1-8yrs) $5.00 www.hm.com
  2. Crewcuts – Girls’ Chat Chat “Smile” Hat (size s-xl) $32.00 www.jcrew.com
  3. Toby – Kids’ Cable Knit Hat in Dark Grey w/ Faux Fur Pom Pom $6.99 www.jcpenny.com
  4. H&M – Knit Zebra Pom Pom Hat (size 1-8yrs) $9.95 www.hm.com
  5. Oeuf – Cornflower Blue “I See You” Beanie (size 6m–3yrs) $59.00 www.alexandalexa.com
  6. Scotch Shrunk – “Mega Shrunk” Duo Coloured Bonnet (size s-m) $27.00 www.websore-us.scotch-soda.com
  7. Bit’z Kids – Red Knit Hat (size 1-8yrs) $23.00 www.bitzkids.com
  8. Oeuf – Charcoal Gray Crown Beanie Hat (size 6–18m) $64.00 www.alexandalexa.com
  9. Baby Gap – Neon Intarsia Fair Isle Beanie (size xs–l) $16.95 www.gap.com