My Name is Simone

MajorBSome of my favorite childhood memories revolve around playing with my stuffed dolls. My sisters and I would come up with these elaborate storylines that literally brought them to life. They all had names, personalities, went to school, fell in love, had babies…you get the idea. A daily soap opera of furry creatures and baby dolls was unfolding daily in our bedrooms. It was just like General Hospital, but replace Luke and Laura with a teddy bear and stuffed bunny, and instead of steamy love scenes our dolls sang show tunes to profess their undying love for one another. RockBlondGirlIf your child has the same passion for pretend as I did, but prefers Bowie to Broadway, European doll company My Name is Simone has the perfect doll to add to their collection. With stuffed creations paying tribute to Blondie, Michael Jackson and David Bowie, all that’s missing is your child’s imagination to put on the ultimate rock show. Made from 100% organic fabric and printed with clean ink you can feel rest assured at showtime. And if their dollies need a wardrobe change during intermission My Name is Simone has that covered too. There’s a Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld doll waiting backstage! – Jill Topol 




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