Cool Kid on the Block – Lana

Welcome to Super Goody Bag’s first installment of “Cool Kid on the Block”. Where we showcase your kiddos and ask the important questions that matter most. Our first “Cool Kid on the Block” is Lana. She’s 5 years old and lives in New York City.

SGB- Well hello Miss Lana! First, I have to ask you the all important question. What do you want to be when you grow up? Lana- A pirate, a pilot, and a doctor and an eye doctor and a gardener. I have a green thumb somewhere. You know what that means? I’m a good gardener.

SGB- What’s the best thing ever, and why? Lana- Ice Cream!!!!!! (as she throws her arms up in the air) Because it has sprinkles on it. My favorite flavor is vanilla. I love vanilla with rainbow sprinkles in a cone, but I have trouble eating it because it gets all messy.

SGB- What’s the grossest thing ever, and why? Lana- Dogs…..because they poop outside. That’s disgusting.

SGB- If you could wear anything in your closet, what would you choose? Lana- A dress! I love my zebra dress the best. I think it’s really pretty. I look like a zebra in it, but I’m really not. I’m only pretending.

SGB- What’s your favorite thing about Mommy & Daddy? Lana- Mommy lets me play on the phone sometimes. And they take me to Texas sometimes. We fly on a plane.

SGB- What’s your least favorite thing about Mommy & Daddy? Lana- They make me go to bed at 10 O’Clock. I’d rather be up and watch lots of fun things on TV.

SGB- I heard you recently learned about insects in nursery school. Do you have a favorite bug? Lana- Umm….definitely spiders. Because they make webs and climb in them to catch crickets. But I don’t like big spiders and ants. SGB- Why don’t you like them? Lana- Because they’re gonna bite me if I step on them. One time, I had wedding shoes on and they crawled on me. That’s where they live, at the wedding.