Top Backpacks – Back to School 2016-17


For the last few years I’ve given my top picks for “Back to School – Boys & Girls Backpacks”. This year I’ve decided to change things up a bit thanks to the wisdom of my outspoken 8-year-old son. With the simple statement of “Mommy, there’s really no such thing as “boys & girls” backpacks. Can’t we just like whatever we like?” I was sold. So parents on that note, give your child the freedom to choose their backpack based on whatever makes them happy; whatever encourages their individuality; whatever builds their confidence.

From cool camos, sticky sweet treats, fun quotes to googly eyes so you can always see who’s sneaking up behind you, there’s a perfect backpack to fit every child. – Jill Topol

Top Backpacks – Eye See You

  1. Les Petits Joueurs – Mick Eyes Leather & Shearling Backpack $1051.00
  2. Gap – Print Junior Backpack in “Purple Power” $39.95
  3. Fendi – Backpack (Black Calfskin with Yellow Fur Appliques) $2900.00
  4. Crewcuts – Kids’ Max the Monster Backpack $59.50
  5. Fendi – Blue Sheepskin (Bla Bla Bla Motif) $5150.00
  6. Two Red Dogs UK – Kids Monster Face Rucksack (in green, black, orange, red or pink) $24.66



  1. Mojo – Straight Outta Backpack $48.00
  2. Fashion Angels – Peace Love Selfie Pink Metallic Backpack $24.99
  3. Vans – Nintendo Game Over Backpack $40.00
  4. Animal – Teal Sidekick Truck Backpack $27.00
  5. Mojo – Baron Von Fancy x Mojo “Nothing But Trouble” $60.00
  6. Hot Topic – Cats Are Everything Backpack $23.92



  1. Sprayground – Ice Cream Shark DLX Backpack $60.00
  2. Accessory Innovation – Snack Attack Cupcake Backpack $19.99
  3. Sprayground – Popsicle Grillz DLX Backpack $60.00
  4. Top Trenz – Jelly Bean Backpack $40.00
  5. Urban Junk – Mini Schweety Backpack $25.22
  6. Terez – Donut Backpack $75.00



  1. Herschel – Retreat Backpack (Woodland Camo Red/Navy/Red Rubber) $79.99
  2. Valentino – Camouflage Multicolored Leather Backpack $2,295.00
  3. Sprayground – Camo Gold Drips $70.00
  4. Burton – Youth Tinder Backpack (Duck Hunter Camo) $25.90
  5. French Bulldog – Camouflage Kids Backpack $19.99
  6. Adidas Originals – Backpack in Camo $43.00

Back to School – Top Backpacks


On your mark, get set, go! The mad dash to purchase that laundry list of “Back to School” supplies is here. While certain items like pencils, notebooks and paper are a no brainer, a backpack is something that should never be bought on a whim.

Unlike clothing and shoes, your child will not outgrow their backpack during the school year, or need to swap it out when the weather changes. It’s the one constant they will proudly wear everyday to school. So why not make it something special?

Always remember a backpack is way more than just a vessel to carry your kid’s books to school. It’s an extension of their personality. A representation of who your child is to their peers. Maybe your kid loves kittens? Maybe it’s a certain cartoon character? Maybe they’re obsessed with pink? Whatever floats their boat. In the end, it’s all about making them feel good about themselves by building their confidence and self-esteem…all while getting their homework home in one piece. – Jill Topol


  1. Crewcuts – Max the Monster Backpack $59.50
  2. Fred Perry – Plaid Signature Backpack $95.00
  3. Nintendo – Large Controller Backpack $29.99
  4. Sprayground – Eyenstein Backpack $60.00
  5. MadPax – Heavy Metal Full Pack in Moonwalk Silver $65.00
  6. Vans – Eley Kishimoto Old Skool II Backpack $42.00
  7. Herschel – Classic Backpack in Navy Portal $39.99
  8. Mojo – Burger Deluxe Backpack $48.00
  9. Jansport – Superbreak Backpack in Multi Mixtapes $36.00
  10. Star Wars – Grey Millennium Falcon 3D Backpack $31.99
  11. Zara – Giraffe Detail Backpack $29.90
  12. Paul Smith Junior – Dinosaur Backpack $262.00                                                                                                                                                                                           



  1. 2D Bags – Pink 2D Backpack $29.99
  2. Tokidoki for LeSportsac – Palette Backpack $138.00
  3. Mojo – Studio Disco Backpack $48.00
  4. Jansport – Big Student Backpack in Hairball $45.99
  5. Gap Kids – Owl Backpack $39.95
  6. Sprayground – Kitten Grillz X Cupcake Mafia $65.00
  7. State – Kane Backpack in turquoise/peach $55.00
  8. Mojo – Doughnuts Backpack $48.00
  9. Moschino – Quilted Bear Printed Backpack $725.00
  10. Gap – Printed Senior Backpack in Mint Puppies $44.95
  11. Hello Kitty – Mint Sunglasses Backpack $40.00
  12. Dickies – Patchwork Backpack in Soft Turquoise $19.99

Back to School Extravaganza – Top Backpacks


Don’t underestimate the importance of a cool backpack. It’s one of the few items your child will wear to school everyday, all year, no matter what the weather brings. It obviously needs to be sturdy and carry all your child’s books and supplies, but it also needs to represent who your child is. Their favorite animal, color, cartoon character… whatever floats their boat. This isn’t about being superficial. It’s about building confidence and self-esteem. It’s hard enough being a kid. If we can make them feel special by simply giving them a backpack that they’re proud to wear everyday around their peers, isn’t that worth it? – Jill Topol 

Top Boys Backpacks

  1. Sprayground – Chenille Woodland Shark Deluxe Backpack $70.00
  2. Jansport – Superbreak Multi Cable Knit $35.00
  3. Madpax – Spiketus Rex Full Backpack in Aquanaut Blue $60.00
  4. Roxy – Grand Thought Backpack (multicolor) $45.00
  5. Skip Hop – Zoo Pack in Panda $20.00
  6. Superdry – Super Montana Rucksack in red $70.00
  7. Eastpak – Padded Pak’R Backpack $75.94
  8. Herschel Supply Co. – Settlement Backpack in Woodland Camo $54.99
  9. Herschel Supply Co. for Crewcuts- Settlement Backpack in Stripe Red Flame $55.00
  10. Marc by Marc Jacobs – Royal Purple Leopard Plaid Packables Backpack $90.00    backpacks-girlsTop Girls Backpacks
    1. Sprayground – Ice Cream Grillz By Cupcake Mafia $65.00
    2. Stella McCartney for Adidas – Pack Away Backpack (blue iridescent) $81.00
    3. Superdry – Super Montana Rucksack purple $70.00
    4. Jansport – Superbreak Backpack in Pink Pansy Wanderlust $35.00
    5. Rachael Hale – Kittens Purple Backpack $15.99
    6. Mossimo Supply Co. – Celestial Purple Backpack $29.99
    7. Sprayground – Diamond Deluxe Backpack $60.00
    8. Hello Kitty – American Star Backpack $44.00
    9. Le Sportsac – Voyager Backpack in Cross My Heart $116.00
    10. Herschel Supply Co. – Pop Quiz Backpack in Purple Leopard $69.99

Back to School Extravaganza – Top Lunch Boxes


Make cafeteria dining feel more like a 5-star restaurant with Super Goody Bag’s top picks in school lunch boxes. Guaranteed to make an apple more appetizing, a yogurt more yummy and strawberries more scrumptious. Sardines will still stink. – Jill Topol  

Top Lunch Boxes

  1. Gymboree – Rocket Ship Lunchbox $11.87
  2. Morgan and Milo for Garnet Hill – Multi Heart Lunch Bag $14.95
  3. Gymboree – Monster Lunchbox $11.87
  4. Aquarius – Boombox Lunch Box $18.47
  5. Hello Kitty – Face Lunch Bag with Red Ribbon $30.00
  6. Aladdin – Expandable Snack Container $11.73
  7. J.Crew – Kids’ Canvas Lunchbox $29.50
  8. Dwell Studio – Transportation Insulated Lunch Box $18.00
  9. Hanna Andersson – Stainless Steel Food Container in Yellow Monster Camo $10.00
  10. Skip Hop – Zoo Lunchies Insulated Lunch Bags in Cat $14.00
  11. Paul Frank – Graffiti Lunch Box $17.13
  12. Rakuten Global Market – Hamburger Lunch Box $6.17
  13. Thermos – Radiance Dual Compartment in Pink $9.99
  14. Threadless – Funkalicious Stainless Steel Water Bottle $12.95

Back to School Extravaganza – Top Sneakers


Welcome back students, to Super Goody Bag’s 2013-14 edition of our  “Back To School Extravaganza”! Where we showcase the latest and greatest necessities your child needs to start off their school year in style.

Walking through those big doors on the first day of school can be exciting and nerve-racking. Give your child a boost of confidence taking that first step into the new school year with a great pair of kicks. With bold new trends in neon, animal prints and studs, there’s bound to be a perfect pair of sneakers to complete their ultimate first day of school outfit. – Jill Topol

Best Boys Sneakers

  1. Hydrogen Kid – High Red Suede Sneakers with Stars (size 24-33) $135.00
  2. Adidas Originals – Kids ZXZ 700 (size 4-10t) $45.00
  3. Converse – Chuck Taylor Union Jack Sneakers (size 2 little kid- 6 big kid) $37-$42.00
  4. Bumper – Camouflage Studded High Tops (size 12-14) $296.00
  5. Puma for Crewcuts – Whirlwind Sneakers in Grey / Neon Persimmon (sizek8-k3) $40.00
  6. Hummel – Stadil Jr. Fade Poly go to to find nearest shop
  7. Golden Goose – Silver Coated Canvas High Sneaker (size 24-32) $207-$227.00
  8. Vans – Lion Slip-On Sneakers (size 4-10t) $35.00
  9. Vans – 2 Tone Checker Era (size 10.5-3) $35.00
  10. Supra – Skytop in Black & Purple (size 11 little kid- 6 big kid) $58.99
  11. New Balance for Crewcuts – KE410 Sneakers in Neon Kiwi (size k8-k3) $50.00 www.jcrew.comsneakers-girlsBest Girls Sneakers
    1. Adidas Neo – BBNeo Hi- Top Shoes (size 11-4) $65.00
    2. Osiris – Kids NYC 83 Slm in animal Prints (size 11-6) $50.00
    3. Ash – Joker Wedge Sneakers in Piombo Silver w/studs (size 31-35) $209.95
    4. Golden Goose – Glittered High Tops (size 24-27) $207.00
    5. Vans – Hello Kitty Classic Slip-Ons (size 4.5 toddler -3 kid) $40-$42.00
    6. Gap Kids – Perforated Hi-Top Sneakers in Knockout Pink (size 11-5) $45.00
    7. Converse – Chuck Taylor Platform Sneaker in Vivid Viola (size 11-6) $52.00
    8. Adidas Originals – ZX 700 Shoes (size 5t-10t) $45.00
    9. Ash – Kids cartoon Sneaker in Aqua Leather (size 22-27) $56.00
    10. DC – Kids Union HI SE in Metallic Purple (size 10.5 little kid- 7 big kid) $60.00
    11. Puma – Suede Kids in Cabaret Pink (size 4-3.5) $40.00

Handmade Book Covers

It’s that time of year again. School has officially started! And no doubt your kids will be telling you they need their new school books covered ASAP. Obviously, the main purpose of this is to protect their books from the usual wear and tear that the school year ahead will bring, but it’s also a cool way for your child to personalize some of their school supplies. Here are two simple ways to turn a classic textbook into a piece of art. – Jill Topol



A roll of brown recycled kraft wrapping paper. Cutting up a paper grocery bag would also work.

A handful of paint swatches in assorted colors. You can grab these for free from any local paint store.

Elmer’s Glue

Cover the textbook in kraft paper and then proceed to glue the paint swatches on the front and back cover. I used Elmer’s Glue to adhere the swatches. That is it! Easy as pie. Lay out your colors beforehand to come up with an interesting color palette. I chose to use a gradient color pattern and it turned out pretty gorge.



The same roll of brown recycled kraft paper or paper grocery bag from the previous book cover project.

3 different colors of acrylic paint. It must be acrylic because it won’t run if it gets wet.

A piece of bubble wrap long enough to wrap around the entire book. Either the small or larger size bubble wrap will work. I used the smaller size bubbles.

A foam paint brush

Paint vertical stripes onto the piece of bubble wrap. Alternate between paint colors and slightly blend each stripe into the next color. Complimentary colors tend to work best when blended into each other.

Once you’ve finished painting the bubble wrap, gently flip it over onto the piece of kraft paper. Press firmly and evenly over all the bubble wrap. This is to ensure all the paint will transfer to the paper. Slowly peel away the painted bubble wrap. What will be left is an abstract polka dot pattern printed directly on the paper. Once the paint is dry, it’s time to cover your child’s book in their new masterpiece.


Back to School Extravaganza – Best Lunch Boxes

Some might say that a peanut butter sandwich, an apple and a box of raisins shoved into a brown paper bag is a pretty boring and dismal lunch. But throw that same nutty buddy sandwich into a cool lunch box and something magical happens. Yes my friends, peanut butter tastes way better when it’s stored in your kid’s favorite lunch box. This is a fact! It’s kinda like the same theory when a birthday present is wrapped in pretty paper with bows and ribbons; you automatically anticipate something great inside. While you might not have packed them the chicken nugget and french fry lunch of their dreams, hopefully your kiddo will be more tempted to eat some healthier options because of the great presentation. Unless of course you’ve packed them sardines. Then you’re on your own. – Jill Topol

1. Gap Kids Monster Lunch Bag $19.95

2. Lego Lego Lunch Box available in pink, blue, red & black $17.39

3. So So Happy Tribe Insulated Lunch Tote $7.99

4. Fluf  “Lunch” Bag $17.74

5. Uglydoll Green Lunch Kit $9.99

6. Big Apple Buddies Owl Lunch & Sandwich Bag Value Kit $24.99

7. Dabbawalla British Invasion Union Jack Kids Lunch Bag $30.00

8. Dwell Studio Dots Chocolate Lunch Box $38.00

9. Fred Flare Snack & Stack Utensil Set $20.00

10. Thermos R2D2 Star Wars Lunch Kit $10.98

11. Skip Hop Ladybug Zoo Lunchies Insulated Lunch Bags $14.00

12. Oots Eco-Friendly Lunchbox Deluxe in Blue (also comes in orange & green) $39.50

13. Hanna Andersson “Who’s That Lunch Bag” Shark $16.00