Best & Worst of 2013

Let’s raise our glass to the Best & Worst of 2013. A smorgasbord of the coolest and crappiest things that have made this year so special. Cheers! Jill Topol2013bestof


  1. Real Hardcover Books! – Because bedtime stories just aren’t the same on a Kindle.
  2. Monster High Dolls – The reason Barbie cries herself to sleep feeling inadequate.
  3. Hello Kitty Fashion – Cheers to the coolest cat in history. At 40 years old, this pretty kitty still makes little girls weak at the knees for every dress, accessory, doll and sticker with her likeness.
  4. Thanksgivukkah – 8 fun filled days of turkey with a side of latkes. Count me in!
  5. Lady Gaga & The Muppets – Legend has it that one of Jim Henson’s dreams before he died was to create a living breathing Muppet to coexist with his puppets. With talent beyond compare and a visual persona of all his colorful characters rolled into one ultimate being.
  6. Sanjay and Craig – The adventures of a boy and his best friend Craig (who’s a snake). As entertaining for adults as it is for the kiddos.
  7. Rainbow Loom – The rubber band DIY bracelet craze of the year. Look out for next year’s paper clip version.
  8. Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” – The utterly catchy sing in the shower, car and school hallway song of the year.
  9. SheZow – A boy that turns into a girl superhero. Here’s to acceptance!

The Worst of 2013


  1. Selfies – Photography 101: If you can see your arm stretched out with a cell phone in the foreground you are taking a lousy photo.
  2. Miley Cyrus’ Tongue – You are not Gene Simmons. I repeat… are not Gene Simmons. Put that thing away.
  3. Lunchables – Who came up with the genius idea that a cold mini pita topped off with shredded cheese, pepperoni and a pack of ketchup makes a pizza?
  4. The Death (& return from the dead) of Brian Griffin – Stop playing with our hearts Family Guy!
  5. Mountain Dew’s KickStart – The brilliant idea to wash down your Wheaties with a can of breakfast soda.
  6. The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood – Not one of “my favorite things”. Julie Andrews will always be Maria, and Carrie Underwood will always be the 4th season winner of American Idol.
  7. Ice Cream Magic – No magic here, unless “frosty chocolate milk” is slang for homemade ice cream.
  8. Hair Chalk – Dry dull colors that only work well on blonde hair, but appear bright and colorful on your skin, clothes and couch.
  9. Tummy Stuffers – A doll your kids stuff with anything and everything in their bedroom. Including a moldy peanut butter sandwich from 2 months ago.


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