Jill ♥s Harajuku Mini

If you’re looking for ultra hip clothes for your kids and don’t want to spend a ton, look no further. Target’s Harajuku Mini by Gwen Stefani is your answer. The Japanese streetwear inspired collection is everything you’d expect from designer and fashion trendsetter Stefani plus a whole lot more. Its whimsical characters and silhouettes are spectacular. Each piece is unique down to the smallest detail. Stefani’s inspiration for her children’s line comes straight from the Harajuku fashion scene (hence the name Harajuku Mini) in Japan which is known for its over the top fashion styles of mismatched patterns, bright colors, ruffled skirts and extensive layering. The style is very reminiscent to Japanese anime characters. Now in her second season with Target, Stefani’s latest collection consists of funky nauticals, mismatched pattered skirts & dresses and hamburgers. Yes, I said hamburgers. Need I say more.

Check out Harajuku Mini at www.target.com

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