Back to School – Top Backpacks


On your mark, get set, go! The mad dash to purchase that laundry list of “Back to School” supplies is here. While certain items like pencils, notebooks and paper are a no brainer, a backpack is something that should never be bought on a whim.

Unlike clothing and shoes, your child will not outgrow their backpack during the school year, or need to swap it out when the weather changes. It’s the one constant they will proudly wear everyday to school. So why not make it something special?

Always remember a backpack is way more than just a vessel to carry your kid’s books to school. It’s an extension of their personality. A representation of who your child is to their peers. Maybe your kid loves kittens? Maybe it’s a certain cartoon character? Maybe they’re obsessed with pink? Whatever floats their boat. In the end, it’s all about making them feel good about themselves by building their confidence and self-esteem…all while getting their homework home in one piece. – Jill Topol


  1. Crewcuts – Max the Monster Backpack $59.50
  2. Fred Perry – Plaid Signature Backpack $95.00
  3. Nintendo – Large Controller Backpack $29.99
  4. Sprayground – Eyenstein Backpack $60.00
  5. MadPax – Heavy Metal Full Pack in Moonwalk Silver $65.00
  6. Vans – Eley Kishimoto Old Skool II Backpack $42.00
  7. Herschel – Classic Backpack in Navy Portal $39.99
  8. Mojo – Burger Deluxe Backpack $48.00
  9. Jansport – Superbreak Backpack in Multi Mixtapes $36.00
  10. Star Wars – Grey Millennium Falcon 3D Backpack $31.99
  11. Zara – Giraffe Detail Backpack $29.90
  12. Paul Smith Junior – Dinosaur Backpack $262.00                                                                                                                                                                                           



  1. 2D Bags – Pink 2D Backpack $29.99
  2. Tokidoki for LeSportsac – Palette Backpack $138.00
  3. Mojo – Studio Disco Backpack $48.00
  4. Jansport – Big Student Backpack in Hairball $45.99
  5. Gap Kids – Owl Backpack $39.95
  6. Sprayground – Kitten Grillz X Cupcake Mafia $65.00
  7. State – Kane Backpack in turquoise/peach $55.00
  8. Mojo – Doughnuts Backpack $48.00
  9. Moschino – Quilted Bear Printed Backpack $725.00
  10. Gap – Printed Senior Backpack in Mint Puppies $44.95
  11. Hello Kitty – Mint Sunglasses Backpack $40.00
  12. Dickies – Patchwork Backpack in Soft Turquoise $19.99

Back to School Extravaganza – Top Backpacks


Don’t underestimate the importance of a cool backpack. It’s one of the few items your child will wear to school everyday, all year, no matter what the weather brings. It obviously needs to be sturdy and carry all your child’s books and supplies, but it also needs to represent who your child is. Their favorite animal, color, cartoon character… whatever floats their boat. This isn’t about being superficial. It’s about building confidence and self-esteem. It’s hard enough being a kid. If we can make them feel special by simply giving them a backpack that they’re proud to wear everyday around their peers, isn’t that worth it? – Jill Topol 

Top Boys Backpacks

  1. Sprayground – Chenille Woodland Shark Deluxe Backpack $70.00
  2. Jansport – Superbreak Multi Cable Knit $35.00
  3. Madpax – Spiketus Rex Full Backpack in Aquanaut Blue $60.00
  4. Roxy – Grand Thought Backpack (multicolor) $45.00
  5. Skip Hop – Zoo Pack in Panda $20.00
  6. Superdry – Super Montana Rucksack in red $70.00
  7. Eastpak – Padded Pak’R Backpack $75.94
  8. Herschel Supply Co. – Settlement Backpack in Woodland Camo $54.99
  9. Herschel Supply Co. for Crewcuts- Settlement Backpack in Stripe Red Flame $55.00
  10. Marc by Marc Jacobs – Royal Purple Leopard Plaid Packables Backpack $90.00    backpacks-girlsTop Girls Backpacks
    1. Sprayground – Ice Cream Grillz By Cupcake Mafia $65.00
    2. Stella McCartney for Adidas – Pack Away Backpack (blue iridescent) $81.00
    3. Superdry – Super Montana Rucksack purple $70.00
    4. Jansport – Superbreak Backpack in Pink Pansy Wanderlust $35.00
    5. Rachael Hale – Kittens Purple Backpack $15.99
    6. Mossimo Supply Co. – Celestial Purple Backpack $29.99
    7. Sprayground – Diamond Deluxe Backpack $60.00
    8. Hello Kitty – American Star Backpack $44.00
    9. Le Sportsac – Voyager Backpack in Cross My Heart $116.00
    10. Herschel Supply Co. – Pop Quiz Backpack in Purple Leopard $69.99