My Muse Max 23

My Muse Max 23

Balloon Tank Top- Molo, Shorts- Bit’z Kids, Sunglasses- Juicy Couture, Sneakers- Adidas Originals, Sesame Street- Vintage Roosevelt Franklin puppet that was mine from when I was Max’s age.


Take a Picture….it Lasts Longer


Life is one big photograph waiting for us to snap a pic. If only we took the time to pause, take a breath and appreciate how extraordinary the unextraordinary can be. Our daily surroundings are a visual wonderland. From the sparkle of icicles dangling from a tree, to the candy colors that hang above our heads during sunset.

This spring photorealistic printed fabrics are a top trend in children’s fashion. With prints as varied as nature, animals and common objects, we pay homage to the beauty of everyday life. – Jill Topol

  1. Molo Sunflower Tanktop (size 3-12y) $28.00
  2. H&M Halter Neck Sunset Swimsuit (size 8-14y) $17.95
  3. The Mountain Youth Siamese Kitten Tee (size s-xl) $14.00
  4. Molo Sunflower Skirt (size 3-12y) $48.50
  5. Molo Anni Soft Pants with Leg Print (size 3-6y) $51.00
  6. We Are Handsome Children’s One Piece Lion Bathing Suit (size1-5y) $125.00
  7. Simple Kids Penguin Cardigan (size 12m-16y) on sale for $103.60
  8. H&M White Stallion Top (size 8-14y) $14.95
  9. Oilily Calao “Candy” Jacket (size 74-86) 109.90 Euros / $144.91

10. Une Sardine a Rio Eiffel Tower Skirt (one size for ages 2-6) $90.00

11. Paul Smith Junior Mixing Deck Print Shirt (size 2-14y) $124.00

12. Sudo Empire Wildlife Hooded Boys Sweatshirt with Tiger $78.95 AUS /$80.80 US (size 8-14y)

As a tribute to “photo”realistic fashion, here’s Def Leppard with Photograph. Spandex pants and the teasing of hair are not required while listening, but highly recommended.