Coloring Book Couture


The thought of a magic marker stain on my kid’s clothes would normally make me cringe and run for the soap and water. But lucky for our DIY enthusiastic children, designers are embracing the art of customization. Color Your Own Tees are a big trend for this coming spring. The idea is simple. Think of a coloring book, but instead of paper it’s fabric. Your children are encouraged to scribble away till their heart’s content, creating a one of a kind fashion masterpiece. And as proud as they are to show you their latest artwork from school, chances are they’ll be even more proud to prance around showing it off on their chest.  – Jill Topol 

  1. Mini Rodini Godzilla Pen Tee with textile marker kit (size 80-146) $40.00
  2. Crayola Fabric Markers (pack of 10) $4.79
  3. Stella McCartney Kids Goldie T-Shirt with fabric marker kit & pencil case (size 3-12yr) $75.00
  4. Lacoste Color by Numbers Boy’s Graphic T-Shirt Gift Set with case and fabric markers $65.00
  5. DC Comics Superman Color My Tee T-Shirt with fabric markers (size 5-8yr) $5.99

Romper Room

Once upon a time there was a cute little frilly dress that fell in love with a handsome pair of shorts. Nine months later they were married and gave birth to a romper.

Originally made popular in the 70’s by the lovely ladies of Charlie’s Angels, rompers have found their way back to become one of the hottest trends of this season. These one piece beauties are the perfect throw-on for those hot summer days you want your little girl looking stylish, but still have the freedom to run wild. Especially when they’re pretending to be private investigators that work for a talking box. – Jill Topol

Charlie’s Angels – Kelly, Jill & Sabrina Doll Set $29.95

1. Old Navy Girls Graphic Pineapple Halter Romper $14.00

2. Gap Kids Zebra Romper (on sale) $20.99

3. Mini Rodini Denim Blue Romper (on sale) $33.50

4. Harajuku Mini for Target Girls Red Ruffle Romper $20.00

5. Little Ella by Ella Moss Riviera Romper Shorts $64.00

6. Gap Kids Smocked Flutter Romper (on sale) $20.99

7. Mini Rodini Pineapple Romper in Beige (on sale) $33.50

8. Gap Kids Chambray Romper (on sale) $12.99

9. Little Ella by Ella Moss Santana Romper in Papaya $66.00

10. Harajuku Mini for Target Infant Girls Multicolor Summer Romper $18.00