Connect the Dots

When I look at the world I see circles. From the peas on my plate to the moon in the sky, dots follow me everywhere. Without this beautiful round shape we wouldn’t be able to gaze into each other’s eyes, or even enjoy a donut. Our life would be square.

As promised from our “See Spot Run” inspirational mood board story last week, here are our top picks for the best in polka dot fashions. – Jill Topol

1. Maxomorra Polka Dot Purple Dress $38.00

2. Carter’s Dotted Jacket in Pink $40.00

3. Maxomorra Polka Dot Blue Hoody $39.00

4. Stella McCartney Misty Tulle Degrade Party Dress with Embroidered Dots $140.00

5. Hanna Andersson Bright Now Sweater Dress on sale $38.00

6. Hanna Andersson Remix Sweater Dress in Multi Pink $66.00

7. J.Crew/Crewcuts Mega-Dot Sweater in Deep Navy $58.00

8. The Cambridge Satchel Company for Crewcuts Polka Dot Satchel $130.00

9. Marni Dotted Shirt $96.00

10. Stella McCartney Belle Dress with Printed Gold Dots $110.00

11. Mini Rodini Polka Dot Sneakers in Red $80.00

12. Brights and Stripes Polka Dot Baby Hat £4.99

13. Mini Rodini Bunny Onesie in Dark Blue $64.00

14. Little Z Kids Taxi Leggings $23.00

15. Mini Boden Fluttery Applique T-shirt in Aubergine Dots $23.80-$28.00

See Spot Run

Polka dots are one of the top trends for fall this season. Here’s some inspiration for the fad that will have you seeing spots before your eyes. Keep a lookout over the next few days for Super Goody Bag’s top picks for the best in spot-on fashion! – Jill Topol

PHOTO CREDITS: Vintage New York City Subway Map, Camera Glare – Artist Unknown, Louis Vuitton – Limited Edition Yayoi Kusama Bags, Rubber Balls, Bubble Wrap, Rachel Castle – Big Pink Floral Spot, Balloons, Colorblind Test, Dalmatians –, Head with Bubbles – DEM Illustration, Felt Dots –, Roy Lichtenstein interpreted by Jonny Doomsday –, Cellophane Stained Glass Craft – Creative Jewish Mom, Gumballs – Jill Topol, Yayoi Kusama – Self-Obliteration 1968