Back to School Extravaganza – Top Lunch Boxes


Make cafeteria dining feel more like a 5-star restaurant with Super Goody Bag’s top picks in school lunch boxes. Guaranteed to make an apple more appetizing, a yogurt more yummy and strawberries more scrumptious. Sardines will still stink. – Jill Topol  

Top Lunch Boxes

  1. Gymboree – Rocket Ship Lunchbox $11.87
  2. Morgan and Milo for Garnet Hill – Multi Heart Lunch Bag $14.95
  3. Gymboree – Monster Lunchbox $11.87
  4. Aquarius – Boombox Lunch Box $18.47
  5. Hello Kitty – Face Lunch Bag with Red Ribbon $30.00
  6. Aladdin – Expandable Snack Container $11.73
  7. J.Crew – Kids’ Canvas Lunchbox $29.50
  8. Dwell Studio – Transportation Insulated Lunch Box $18.00
  9. Hanna Andersson – Stainless Steel Food Container in Yellow Monster Camo $10.00
  10. Skip Hop – Zoo Lunchies Insulated Lunch Bags in Cat $14.00
  11. Paul Frank – Graffiti Lunch Box $17.13
  12. Rakuten Global Market – Hamburger Lunch Box $6.17
  13. Thermos – Radiance Dual Compartment in Pink $9.99
  14. Threadless – Funkalicious Stainless Steel Water Bottle $12.95

Back to School Extravaganza – Best Lunch Boxes

Some might say that a peanut butter sandwich, an apple and a box of raisins shoved into a brown paper bag is a pretty boring and dismal lunch. But throw that same nutty buddy sandwich into a cool lunch box and something magical happens. Yes my friends, peanut butter tastes way better when it’s stored in your kid’s favorite lunch box. This is a fact! It’s kinda like the same theory when a birthday present is wrapped in pretty paper with bows and ribbons; you automatically anticipate something great inside. While you might not have packed them the chicken nugget and french fry lunch of their dreams, hopefully your kiddo will be more tempted to eat some healthier options because of the great presentation. Unless of course you’ve packed them sardines. Then you’re on your own. – Jill Topol

1. Gap Kids Monster Lunch Bag $19.95

2. Lego Lego Lunch Box available in pink, blue, red & black $17.39

3. So So Happy Tribe Insulated Lunch Tote $7.99

4. Fluf  “Lunch” Bag $17.74

5. Uglydoll Green Lunch Kit $9.99

6. Big Apple Buddies Owl Lunch & Sandwich Bag Value Kit $24.99

7. Dabbawalla British Invasion Union Jack Kids Lunch Bag $30.00

8. Dwell Studio Dots Chocolate Lunch Box $38.00

9. Fred Flare Snack & Stack Utensil Set $20.00

10. Thermos R2D2 Star Wars Lunch Kit $10.98

11. Skip Hop Ladybug Zoo Lunchies Insulated Lunch Bags $14.00

12. Oots Eco-Friendly Lunchbox Deluxe in Blue (also comes in orange & green) $39.50

13. Hanna Andersson “Who’s That Lunch Bag” Shark $16.00