Back to School Extravaganza – Best Pencil Cases

Please take out your #2 pencil and keep your eyes on your own paper! One of the most important tools your kids will use throughout the school year is the all mighty pencil. This 7-inch stick of wood and lead will be there for every monumental moment of your child’s education. From the first time they write their own name, all the way through the most complicated calculus equation.

As the 3rd installment of Super Goody Bag’s Back to School Extravaganza, we bring you the best in pencil cases and accessories. As a protector and vessel for your little one’s writing utensils, the pencil case is an important back to school necessity. Now if only there was a way for the pencil case to protect the pencils from getting chewed on! – Jill Topol

1. Fred Flare Slice of Cake Pouch $14.00

2. Urban Outfitters Cooperative Plaidness Pencil Case $12.00

3. Kikkerland Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener $10.00

4. Office Depot Zipit Monster Pencil Case $5.99

5. Miki House Plush Pencil Case in Orange Bean Bear, Usako Rabbit or Blue Bear $9.99

6. Sanrio Hello Kitty Bears Pencil Pouch $14.00

7. Minnebites Shark Pencil Case $35.00

8. Sanrio Hello Kitty Pink Vinyl Flat Ribbon Case $13.00

9. Le Petit Bonheur Clip Mechanical Pencils $2.00

10. Fred Flare Vintage Camera Pencil Sharpener

11. Yummy Pocket Ice Cream Sandwich Pencil Case $4.99


Back to School Extravaganza – Best Sneakers

Welcome Super Goody Bag fans to part two of the Back to School Extravaganza! Where we showcase the latest and greatest necessities your child needs to start off their school year in style. While we can’t magically make your kid the coolest kid in class (and seriously would you really want that?), we can help give them the confidence to feel good about themselves. I’m not trying to sound superficial, but when you like the way you look, your self-esteem tends to improve. Isn’t that a great thing to have when you’re walking into a new classroom, with new peers and a new teacher?

Today we bring you the best in sneakers for boys and girls. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good sneaker! This is one item your child will tend to wear on a daily basis. While their tiny feet will undoubtedly outgrow their sneakers quicker than we’d like, good arch support starting at an early age will lead to less aches and pains when they’re older.

Checkout our top picks for kicks. In styles and colors so bold, your kids will beg to learn how to tie their own shoes! – Jill Topol


1. Morgan & Milo Tanner Wooly Gray Lace-Up (size 6.5-13.5) $41.00

2. Vans Classic Checkerboard Slip-On Black/White (size infant 4-3 youth) $30-$35.00

3. Diesel Kids Magnete K Exposure III HighTops in Light Ecru $71.99

4. Adidas Kids Gazelle 2 Easy-Closure Shoes in Bluebird/Red (size infant 4-toddler 10) $36.00

5. Neon Eaters Slip-On “Bolts” in Gray/Multi (size toddler 7-13) $28.00

6. Converse Chuck Taylor Chromatics Low Top Skull Sneakers (4-12 yr) $42.00

7. Camper Pelotas Leather Light Beige w/ Velcro Straps (size 8-13) on sale $55.00

8. New Balance Backpack 574 Purple with Brown (size 10.5-3) $47.99

9. Keds Graham Red Sneakers (size infant 4-toddler 10) $28.00

10. Adidas Gazelle Shoes Lace-Up in New Navy/Light Scarlet (size toddler 10.5 – 6 youth) $46-$55.00

11. Morgan & Milo Infant Slip-On Stars (size 4-7) $45.00

12. Puma evoSPEED Lo JR with Blue Lightning Bolts (size 11-7 kids) $57.00


1. Adidas Gazelle 2 Infant/Toddler in Craft Green & Gold (size 4-10)  $36.00

2. Vans Hello Kitty Authentic Lo Pro (size infant 4 – 4 girls) $35-$40.00

3. Diesel Great Era Trainers in Vivid Blue & Buttercup Yellow (size 6 toddler – 6 youth) $59.99-$63.99

4. Converse Chuck Taylor X-Hi High Gray Boots (4-12 yr) $62.00

5. Mini Boden Printed Canvas High Tops in Pink Candy/Ivy Stars $50.00

6. Converse One Star Toddler Girls Gray Kitty Oxford (size toddler 6-10) $25.99

7. Keen Coronado Dark Earth Owls Print (size infant 4 – 13) $35-$45.00

8. Saucony Baby Jazz H&L in Purple/Violet/Silver (size infant 4-12) $34.00

9. Tsukihoshi Child 40 Denali in Pink/Purple (size 7-13.5) check website for local store availability “it’s a brand new color for fall”

10. Circo Girls Haven Skate High Tops in Multicolor (size 12-5) $24.99

11. Keds Brilliance Denim in Rainbow Sequins (size infant 5-12) $40.00

12. Morgan & Milo Sparkle Floral MJ in Azalea Pink (size 7.5-2) $42.00

Back to School Extravaganza – Best Backpacks

I don’t know about you, but for me it feels like this summer just flew by. They say that the older you get, the faster time seems to pass. Sadly, I think this is true. Hopefully for our kids, summer vacation has felt like an eternity filled with sunshine, swimming pools and popsicles.

To help make the transition from summer vacation to back to school a little easier, Super Goody Bag brings you the best in back to school essentials.

We start off our Back to School Extravaganza with the all-essential backpack. We had trouble narrowing it down to just 12, so we give you the lucky 13 bakers dozen of the best in boys & girls bags. It’s hard enough to get kids to do their homework. At least we can give them something cool to schlep it home in. – Jill Topol   


1. Kikimoto Popsicle School Pack $48.00

2. Wildkin Pink Leopard Tag-Along Backpack $29.99

3. J.Crew / Crewcuts Girls Tulle-Around Backpack $59.50

4. Molo Balloon Fly Away Backpack $39.05

5. Muesli Turquoise Puffy Backpack $103.00

6. Sprayground The Gumball Backpack $50.00

7.  Beatrix Dolce & Panna (ice cream) Backpack $42.00

8. Melissa & Doug Beeposh Hope (hearts & peace symbols) Backpack $19.99

9. SoYoung Pink Birds Toddler Backpack $65.00

10. Oilily Fairy Tale Small Backpack $110.00

11. Baby Gap Sparkle Ladybug Backpack $29.95

12. Gap Kids Sequin Print Pink Junior Backpack $34.95

13. J.Crew / Crewcuts Girls Glitter Backpack $88.00


1. Eastpak Pak’R Camera Backpack $76.64

2. Sprayground Hello My Name is Backpack $50.00

3. SoYoung Navy Camera Backpack $75.00

4. Fjallraven Classic Kanken Backpack $65.00

5. Old Navy Marvel Heroes Backpack $19.94

6. Beatrix Alexander (robot) Backpack $42.00

7. Herschel Supply Company Settlement Backpack in Navy/Red $55.00

8. Skip Hop Fox Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack $20.00

9. Sprayground Gray Shark Backpack $50.00

10. Molo Car Rally Backpack $42.18

11. Old Navy Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack $19.94

12. TMNT Turtle Backpack with Colored Mask $34.99

13. Jansport Black & White Doodle Backpack $45.00