Olympic Innocence


An untarnished imagination gives children the power to transform themselves into monsters, princesses and even Olympic athletes all within the walls of their mind. As a slide magically transforms into a luge, and an ordinary broom wins gold in curling, we pay tribute to our Olympic athletes through the eyes of a child. Jill Topol

  1. Olympic Rings image – www.recultured.com
  2. Hula Hoops image – www.hooping.org


  1. Luge image – Pinterest (source unknown)
  2. Slide image – Pinterest (source unknown)


  1. Womens U.S. Curling Team image – NBC.com
  2. Kids Sweeping image – National Geographic


  1. Russian Figure Skating Team image – The Daily Mail
  2. Young Ballerinas image – Pinterest (source unknown)


  1. U.S. Gold Medalist Ted Ligety image – Time
  2. Super Hero Kid image – Pinterest (source unknown)

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