I Believe in Neverland and Peter Pan Collars

peterpan 2

I believe in Peter Pan, his theory of staying young forever, and the importance of a stylish collar. The retro rounded Peter Pan collar has returned from Neverland as a must-have for your daughter’s back to school wardrobe. Fairy dust not included. – Jill Topol

  1. Mini Boden – Knit Party Dress (size 4-12yrs) $60.00 www.nordstrom.com
  2. Baby Gap – Purse Sweater Dress in Red (size 12m-5yrs) $39.95 www.gap.com
  3. Milly Minis – Amanda Intarsia Knit Dress (size 2-14yrs) $145-$180.00 www.millyny.com
  4. Mini Boden – Military Knitted Dress (size 1.5- 12yrs) $60.00 www.bodenusa.com
  5. Gap Kids – Embellished Peter Pan Sweater (size xs-xxl) $39.95 www.gap.com
  6. Simonetta – Knitted Wool and Fleece Dog Dress (size 1-5yrs) 217.00 Euros www.simonetta.com
  7. Little Marc Jacobs – Gray and Black Stripe Knit Cardigan (size 2-12yrs) $115.00 www.alexandalexa.com
  8. IKKS – Navy Blue Striped Dress with Mottled Gray T-Shirt (size 3-12yrs) $101.00 www.melijoe.com
  9. Kickle – Sequin Deer A-Line Dress (size 2-14yrs) $92.50 www.alexandalexa.com
  10. Mini Boden – Sequin Collar T-Shirt (size 3-11urs) $30.00 www.bodenusa.com
  11. Simonetta – Virgin Wool Cat Pullover with Detachable Peter Pan Collar (size 2-6yrs) $208.00 www.luisaviaroma.com

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