Chewbeads – For Babies with Good Taste in Jewelry


Babies are teething machines. If they can grab it, chances are it will go in their mouth. This includes your hair, wristwatch, buttons on your blouse and all jewelry. While sucking on a pearl necklace might not seem like the safest choice for a teething ring, there’s no more need to go accessory free while carrying around your tot.

Chewbeads is a non-toxic jewelry line that is specifically designed to be gummed and gooed on. The beads are made with 100% silicone just like pacifiers and nipples (only a lot prettier and look way better draped around your neck). And unlike classic jewelry, Chewbeads are easily cleaned in soap and water and are dishwasher safe. Plus the bright colors and soft texture are a great sensory tool to help your baby focus while nursing, or to simply calm their nerves when their favorite pacifier isn’t available. – Jill Topol 

To view the whole collection and purchase Chewbeads go to chewbead1


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