Snurk Bedding

SnurkPrincessYour child’s dreams of being a princess or astronaut can now come true every time they close their eyes and drift to sleep. Amsterdam bedding company Snurk, (which means “to snore” in Dutch) have designed the ultimate duvet covers for little kids with big imaginations. Instead of classic patterns or colors, these high-end duvets with matching pillowcases adorn full body images of a fairy princess and space explorer. Your child literally slips into costume the moment they’re tucked into bed. Goodbye bad dreams and monsters hiding in the closet. It’s time to walk on the moon and be the belle of the ball. – Jill Topol

Snurk – Astronaut or Princess duvet and pillowcase set 59,95 euros (approx $78.00 US) Yes, they ship worldwide! www.snurkbeddengoed.nlSnurkAstronaut

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