Choice Cuts by Jason Freeny


Artist Jason Freeny is my new idol. The New York based toy designer and sculptor has unlocked the key to what our children have been trying to tell us for years. Toys have a soul. It’s the only logical reason our kids seem to be able to love their Barbie Doll with the same intense passion as they do their pets. Freeny has the uncanny ability to bring blood-pumping life to our favorite childhood toys through the use of anatomy. Dissecting Barbie, Hello Kitty, Lego, Mickey Mouse and a slew of other iconic favorites to expose their inner workings, and in turn make them seem as alive (or dead) as the frog we’ve all had to dissect in science class.MLP Sig 1000

This past weekend Jason Freeny debuted his first solo show in Los Angeles entitled “Choice Cuts”.  As the name suggests, the show is a series of Freeny’s latest dissected toy sculptures. The thought of seeing My Little Pony’s entrails and Mickey Mouse’s ribcage might sound a bit disturbing at first, but one look at those sparkly cartoon eyes and sweet smiles of the toy subjects and your fear will turn to amazement. – Jill TopolHelloKittyLotso Sig1000Kewpie Door sig 1000-1

Jason Freeny Choice Cuts New Sculptural Works March 16 – April 6 2013 @ the 101 Exhibit 8920 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, Ca 90069 310 592-7980

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