Be My Valentine


Hello lovebirds! The holiday of amour is fast approaching. One of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories growing up was receiving little cards from all my classmates. With meaningful sayings like “I choo choo choose you. (train theme)”,  “Bee Mine (bug theme)” and the always sentimental “Best Friends 4Eva”. I didn’t have a ton of friends in elementary school, but on Valentine’s Day I felt like the most popular kid in class. I would bring home my love notes and tape them to my bedroom wall so I could stare and admire them. Someone had thought of me.

To continue this feel-good tradition, I decided Max and I would spend some quality mommy and son time and make his cards. I found the idea for this awesome Valentine card on 24-7-365. Don’t be intimidated. This is actually really easy to make. Cross my heart.  – Jill Topol

  • Take a photo of your kiddo holding their hand out in the foreground making a fist. Have them wear something Valentine’s Day themed. Red, Pink, Hearts etc…
  • With a little Photoshop magic add text.
  • Print out your cards. I did 4 cards per standard letter size piece of paper.
  • Use an X-Acto blade to make a little slice on the top and bottom of the fist.
  • Insert a lollipop into the slits. You can also tape the back of the lollipop to avoid slippage.

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