Crazy Like a Fox

Celapiu Kids Fox Scarf

I’m personally not a big fan of wearing fur. Like a lot of people, I think the whole process is cruel and inhumane. But the idea of a “deadish” knitted animal thrown around a child’s neck to keep them warm makes me all happy and tingly inside.

Sisters Celina & Maja Debowska better known as the design team Celapiu, create adorable little hand-made children’s fox scarves from their studio in Krakow, Poland. Unlike the creepy real live fox fur wraps our grandmas wore in the old days, these sweet little creatures’ pelts are made from super soft non-itchy yarn. Available in 18 different colors, there’s sure to be a perfect Vivica, Jamie and Michael J. for every boy and girl. – Jill Topol

Celapiu Mini Fox Scarf (recommended for size 2t – teens) $52.00

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