The Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Today we sadly mourn the tragic loss of the children and teachers killed in the senseless shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. When I first turned on the television and heard the news, my brain had trouble processing what I was seeing and hearing. How could somebody carry out such a heinous act? It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t seem real. My heart aches thinking of the families who have lost a child today. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare come true. I’m sorry if I sound like a pessimist, but life is not always fair. Not everything happens for a reason. There is no bright side to this. This is a horror show being played out right before our eyes. When it’s easier to purchase a gun than get your hands on a Doc McStuffins doll for your kid’s Christmas gift, it puts things into perspective. Gun laws need to change! To live in fear that any psycho can get their hands on a gun and shoot you down at the movies or in the classroom is unacceptable.

Tonight poor Max had to suffer through being smothered by me with endless hugs and kisses to the point where he asked me to stop. I found myself staring at him over and over again thinking what if? What if that had been my son’s kindergarten class? While the thought is too unbearable to imagine, I can’t help but feel vulnerable. I am an over protective mother by nature and would give my own life in exchange for my child, but I am helpless to protect my baby from predators who have an agenda. I hate that this is our reality.

My heart and prayers go out to all the families who have suffered a loss today. To everyone else with a child, hug them extra tight and be thankful. – Jill Topol

One Comment on “The Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School”

  1. lolapaloozza says:

    i know. it’s too much.


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