Snack Bar Halloween

Movie theatre snack bars have the uncanny ability to make mediocre at best snack food so irresistible that we’re willing to fork over $20 bucks for a popcorn, Junior Mints and soda without having a gun held to our head. The bottom line is movie food is awesome. Yeah, it’s super crappy for you….doesn’t always taste great….but it’s awesome. And what is it that sets movie food apart from all other artery clogging treats? I have 2 words…LIQUID BUTTER. Capable of magically transforming stale popcorn into a delicious movie must-have with a single squirt. Here’s to dreaming of a brighter future where every household in America has their own liquid butter pump on the counter next to the toaster.

So today I pay a Halloween tribute to combo #3 with extra butter. And you thought your kids couldn’t be any more delicious than they already are! – Jill Topol

French Fries Costume $26.59

Heinz Ketchup Packet Bunting Costume $24.99

Ice Cream Sandwich Costume $40.00

Popcorn Costume $29.99

Junior Mints Bunting Costume $14.99

Hot Dog “Bun”ting Costume $38.00

One Comment on “Snack Bar Halloween”

  1. magbobphyl says:

    This is one of the most imaginative and creative ideas. I just loved it! I’m ready to snack now and squeeze a baby too.


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