Sundries & Plunder Halloween Masks

You know Halloween is fast approaching when the leaves start changing color and every coffee house and ice cream shop in America feature pumpkin flavored delights. If you haven’t already bought or started to make your kiddo’s costume, it’s time to get a move on. Before you can blink a bat’s eye, All Hallows’ Eve will be upon us.

If your child prefers animals and nature to superheroes and princesses, than Sundries and Plunder has the ultimate Halloween mask for you. This Oregon based sister duo create handmade animal inspired masks that put all other Halloween masks to shame. Each mask is sculpted from a single piece of leather and then meticulously hand painted in acrylic. The end result is a one of a kind mask that looks like it should be featured in the pages of Vogue for a Halloween spread. And the beauty of such a gorgeous mask is that it doesn’t take much to complete your child’s costume. For the more delicate birds and animals a simple matching leotard and tutu will complete your look. And for the more rugged animals, a color coordinated hoody with sweats or leggings are all you need.  – Jill Topol

Sundries and Plunder handmade masks range from $58-$68.00 Visit their Etsy shop at

One Comment on “Sundries & Plunder Halloween Masks”

  1. Jason says:

    Really cool masks!!!


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