Back to School Extravaganza – Best Pencil Cases

Please take out your #2 pencil and keep your eyes on your own paper! One of the most important tools your kids will use throughout the school year is the all mighty pencil. This 7-inch stick of wood and lead will be there for every monumental moment of your child’s education. From the first time they write their own name, all the way through the most complicated calculus equation.

As the 3rd installment of Super Goody Bag’s Back to School Extravaganza, we bring you the best in pencil cases and accessories. As a protector and vessel for your little one’s writing utensils, the pencil case is an important back to school necessity. Now if only there was a way for the pencil case to protect the pencils from getting chewed on! – Jill Topol

1. Fred Flare Slice of Cake Pouch $14.00

2. Urban Outfitters Cooperative Plaidness Pencil Case $12.00

3. Kikkerland Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener $10.00

4. Office Depot Zipit Monster Pencil Case $5.99

5. Miki House Plush Pencil Case in Orange Bean Bear, Usako Rabbit or Blue Bear $9.99

6. Sanrio Hello Kitty Bears Pencil Pouch $14.00

7. Minnebites Shark Pencil Case $35.00

8. Sanrio Hello Kitty Pink Vinyl Flat Ribbon Case $13.00

9. Le Petit Bonheur Clip Mechanical Pencils $2.00

10. Fred Flare Vintage Camera Pencil Sharpener

11. Yummy Pocket Ice Cream Sandwich Pencil Case $4.99


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