Max’s Star Wars Birthday

This past Sunday in a galaxy far, far away, we celebrated Max’s 5th birthday with his dream Star Wars party.

I wanted to make his special day the raddest party ever, and came up with the brainiac idea of giant Star Wars posters with the faces cut out. It was the perfect and easy way to take photos of all the kids (and some furry guests) portraying their favorite characters. As you can see, the results were hilariously awesome.

I made the Star Wars cut outs by simply blowing up photos of all of Max’s favorite Star Wars characters poster size (approx 24” x 32” inches). Next, I mounted them onto foam core. The third and final step is to cut out the face (oval shape works best) with an X-Acto blade. And voila! Time to stick your head into the Dark Side. – Jill Topol

Max (my very self-confident boy), dressed up as his all-time favorite Star Wars character, Padmé Amidala….and Jedi cake was enjoyed by all!

Max’s furry cousins and partygoers, Schmutzy & Wedgie are also huge Star Wars fans!

One Comment on “Max’s Star Wars Birthday”

  1. Jason says:

    The party was amazing…and the kids all had an amazing time taking pictures and decorating their frames. This was a great idea for a kids party!!!


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