London Calling

Let the games begin! It’s time to light the torch in honor of the London 2012 Summer Olympics. For us adults, it’s a time to cheer for our country, and support the athletes who have devoted their lives to their sport.

For our children, it’s an opportunity to learn about different cultures, and watch real live athletes perform mind-boggling feats that were once only believed to be achievable by the likes of Superman and the Justice League!

To commemorate the 2012 Summer Olympics, Super Goody Bag brings you the best in British themed children’s apparel. Bring home the gold in these Union Jack inspired fashions. Rule Britannia! Jill Topol

Paul Smith Junior – Boys Union Jack Stamp Print Shirt $125.00

Mini Boden – Appliqué Union Jack Hoody (on sale) $37.80

Oh Baby London – Little Winner T-Shirt £19.95

Kit Heath – Sterling Silver Unite Locket Necklace £65.00

Molo – London Tunic Dress £29.95

Mini Boden – Union Jack Sneakers (on sale) $19.00

Oh Baby London – Jubliee Smoked Playsuit £23.99

One Comment on “London Calling”

  1. Jason says:

    Looks great Jilly / Super Goody Bag…love the pics and the writing!!!


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