Frock & Roll

If your child is prone to waving a Bic lighter in the air every time you turn on the radio, then your baby was born to rock. If your child prefers the feel of tight zebra spandex leggings over Osh Kosh overalls, then your baby was born to rock. And if you believe that Bret Michaels might be the biological father of your oldest daughter, then your baby was………you get the picture.

This season, give the finger to those prissy ruffle dresses and stiff polo shirts in exchange for mod checks, suspenders and vintage concert tees. It’s time to take a walk on the wild side with rock inspired fashions. With aspirations of becoming the next mini Bowie, Jagger or Blondie, these punk influenced styles aim to please. – Jill Topol

1. Knuckleheads Checkered Fedora $28.00

2. Junk Food Blondie vintage kids black tee $34.00

3. Mini Rodini Zebra print leggings (on sale) $26.60

4. Stardust Glam Rock Dress “Lego David Bowie” £22.00

5. Ash Kids Fox grey leather high top trainers (on sale) $166.56

6. Sourpuss Kids pink studded belt (on sale) $6.00

7. Harajuku Mini for Target Infant Boys graphic skull w/ suspenders onesie $18.00

8. Monster Republic Lightning Bolt “Bowie Cat” tee (sale) $29.99

9. Junk Food KISS “Sharkbite” girls limited-edition tee $34.00

10. Rowdy Sprout Blondie Loungewear set $46.00 (size 3 months-8 years)

11. Harajuku Mini for Target Black & white checkered skirt w/ suspenders $19.99

12. Harajuku Mini for Target Girls’ Safety Pin hair barrettes $7.99

13. Munster Kids “Ear to Ear” Baseball top (yellow smiling monster w/ fangs) $48.00

14. Vintage Rock Pins Assorted vintage rock pins available on Ebay (prices vary)

15. Sourpuss Sex Pistols “Pretty Vacant” onesie (size 3-18 months)

16. Morgan & Milo Boys LTT Bolt slip-on sneaker (on sale) $32.99

17. Pumpkin Patch Denim Biker jacket (size 5-11 years) (on sale) $24.99

18. Rowdy Sprout Devo boys baseball tee $38.00

The official anthem for dressing like a rockstar.

David Bowie – “Fashion”

Fashion. Turn to the left!

Fashion. Turn to the right!


We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town.

Beep-Beep. Beep-Beep.

2 Comments on “Frock & Roll”

  1. magbobphyl says:

    This really puts a new spin on the old times!


  2. Jason says:

    This is the best post yet…AMAZING!!! It also reminds me of us…high school! VERY WELL DONE!!!


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