Crayola Crayon Sculpture by Diem Chau

Sometimes something so beautiful can come from the smallest, most simple of things. Artist Diem Chau carves common children’s crayons and transforms them into characters with personality and wit, all with their own story to tell.

It’s hard to comprehend how Chau brings to life these minuscule inanimate objects that we normally associate with filling in the pages of a coloring book, but somehow Chau makes it work. Not only are her crayon masterpieces meticulously carved, but she also manages to evoke emotion to each Crayola character.

Chau’s miniature works of art have been featured in gallery exhibitions all over the country. She can also be commissioned for personalized crayon sculptures upon request. Jill Topol

You can also follow Diem Chau’s blog @

2 Comments on “Crayola Crayon Sculpture by Diem Chau”

  1. Jason says:

    These are incredible!!! i have pics of an artist who does the same thing on the tips of pencils…in the leads…amazing!!!


  2. magbobphyl says:

    This is an amazing blog, where did you ever get the idea for the crayon scuplture? I love all the new posts!


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