The K-Way Klassic

With colors as bold as “neon mango & neon azalea”, the K-Way Claude Klassic jacket is the ideal windbreaker to help your little one keep the rain out and the sunshine in. Besides being lightweight and completely waterproof, this 1970’s retro inspired jacket folds up into a bag with an attached belt. So it’s easy to tote even after the raindrops stop. And for parents like me who sometimes like to coordinate with their kiddos, K-way makes these in adult sizes too. – Jill Topol

K-Way Kids’ Claude Klassic Jacket (size 3-12 years) $45.00

And for the adults…

One Comment on “The K-Way Klassic”

  1. Jason says:

    I used to wear one of these when I delivered papers…only had black or navy because it was always covered with newsprint!


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