Mickey Mouse in da House!

I would like to apologize to Mickey & Minnie for putting down you and your Disney pals in the past. If you had asked me a few years back if I would want to go to Disney World, I would have told you “no way in hell”. I thought it was goofy (and I don’t mean the character) and a place only people who wore “mom jeans” took their kids. Well, we just got back from taking Max to the Magic Kingdom (after much begging) and I’m lowering my head in shame forever doubting the wonderful world of Disney. There’s something nostalgic and magical about this place. The minute I laid my eyes on the Disney castle I was flooded with wonderful memories from my childhood. I suddenly remembered how much I loved going to Disney World as a little kid and how much all those princesses and characters meant to me. And now I get to relive those same moments through my son. At one point Max turned to me and said “This is the best day of my life”. I thought I was going to cry. They say Disney is the place where your dreams come true. Hearing Max say those words did just that.

In honor of my newfound affection for Walt Disney World, here are my top picks for the latest trends in Disney Couture. So cool, even the biggest Disney hater will have to reconsider. – Jill Topol                

1. Vinylmation Tune Series 3″ Classic Donald Duck $9.95 www.disneystore.com

2. Kidada for Vinylmation “Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide” 9″ Pinocchio $74.95 www.disneystore.com

3. Vinylmation D-Tour 3″ Mickey Mouse Paper Cut $12.95 www.disneystore.com

4. Q-Pot Alice’s Hair Ring 10 karat yellow gold (special order through website) www.q-pot.jp

5. Vinylmation Backpack $49.95 www.disneystore.com

6. Q-Pot Alice in Wonderland “Eat Me” 10 karat gold earrings 19,950 yen (approx. $250.00) www.q-pot.jp

7. Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow Mickey Mouse Sunglasses $115.95 www.karmaloop.com

8. Disney Couture Studded Mickey Mouse Tote $29.99 www.disneystore.com

9. My Own Doll Handmade Snow White iPhone Felt Case $18.00 www.etsy.com

10. Adidas Originals Kids’ Mickey Superstar Shoes $50.00 www.adidas.com

3 Comments on “Mickey Mouse in da House!”

  1. Jason says:

    I want a pair of the Mickey sneakers for myself!


  2. Olive Oil says:

    i have a thing for snow white lately so i’ll take the iphone case, thanks!! 🙂


  3. lolapaloozza says:

    ahhh. we still haven’t made the pilgrimage.


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