French Fries, French Toast & French Tees

Us Americans have always had an ongoing love affair with zee French. They’ve given us such priceless things as The Statue of Liberty, haute couture fashion and Gérard Depardieu. Now your kids can show off their très chic sides with these French inspired Tees. Matching berets and baguettes sold separately. Vive la France!  – Jill Topol      

1. Chloe Linen Eiffel Tower Print Top $86.39

2. Zara Kids “I Love” Series T-Shirt $12.90

3. Gap Kids French Sailor Dog Graphic Ringer T $14.95

4. Miss Grant Sleeveless French Tunic Top w/ Jewels $110.39

5. Zara Kids Heart T-Shirt $16.90

6. Atsuyo et Akiko “Printemps” Four Seasons Tee $40.00

7. Old Navy  “Dog in Beret” Graphic Cap Sleeve Baby Tee $5.99

8. Atsuyo et Akiko W organic Tee $40.00

2 Comments on “French Fries, French Toast & French Tees”

  1. Jason says:

    JE SUIS!!! (did I say that / spell that right???)


  2. Jason says:

    and love the Kewpie Dolls!!!


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