The Distressed Stripe Tee

Distressed stripes are a big trend this season. Here’s a super easy method to make your very own worn out, looks like it’s been washed with rocks, distressed stripe t-shirt. This craft works best with white or very light colored cotton fabrics. It would also be adorable on a onesie or plain summer dress.


A White Cotton T-Shirt, Tank Top, Onesie, Dress etc….

Acrylic or Fabric Paint in Whatever Colors Float Your Boat (fabric paint will feel softer)

Sponge Brushes (one for each color)

Masking Tape (try getting a few different widths)

Line the inside of your tee with paper to insure that the paint doesn’t soak through to the backside. Lay out the masking tape in a horizontal pattern over the t-shirt. You can do this evenly or go crazy with a random pattern. Wherever the fabric is exposed is where you’ll paint in the stripes. Take your sponge brush and dab in the paint. Make sure not to stroke on the color. Dab it in, light and unevenly! You should see some white through the paint. This will give the distressed feel we’re looking for. I added white to my paint as the stripes progressed to give an added worn effect.

Let the paint fully dry and then peel away the tape. Now it’s time to rock some stripes.

2 Comments on “The Distressed Stripe Tee”

  1. Jason says:



  2. MAIA says:

    that is awesome! i want one!


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