Bow Ties for the Easter Boy

When it comes to dressing up our little ones for Easter, boys and girls are definitely not on an equal playing field. For little girls it’s a chance to dress up like a living doll in a beautiful puffy candy colored dress complete with all the bows and lace to make your heart content. For little boys it’s more of a snooze fest with a pair of chinos and a polo or button down shirt. Admit it, it’s pretty boring. Try adding a little color and character to your bunny boy’s wardrobe with a bow tie. What used to be considered an accessory only worn by nerdy professors and clowns has turned into one of the hottest trends this year in menswear.

1. J.Crew Boy’s Blue Pinstripe Bow Tie $19.50

2. Sharp Dressed Little Man Diagonal Plaid Bow Tie $15.00

3. Absolute Ties Toddler Kelly Green Clip-on Bow Tie $7.99

4. Baby By Stevie Boy’s Yellow Seersucker Bow Tie $20.00

5. Brooks Brothers Boy’s Gingham Seersucker Bow Tie $34.50

3 Comments on “Bow Ties for the Easter Boy”

  1. Jason says:



  2. lolapaloozza says:

    love these. so hard to buy ties for boys.


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