Here Comes The Sun

Why is it when we buy sunglasses for ourselves we’re concerned with the brand and the quality of the lens, but for our kids we tend to just grab something cute off the shelf at the local drugstore without even giving it a second thought? I confess, I’ve done this too. A bunch of times! I’ve purchased tons of adorable “el cheapo” sunglasses for my son where I’m lucky he didn’t become cross-eyed from the poor quality of the lenses. As I slap myself on the wrist and say “Bad Mommy! Bad Mommy!” Well surprise, Ray-Ban makes the same high quality eyewear we’ve all loved for years in a mini version for kids.

The line is called the Junior collection and consists of shrunken down versions of all the iconic Ray-Ban classics from the Wayfarer to the original Aviator. Besides being the coolest sunglasses your child will ever wear, Ray-Ban is famous for its top of the line optical quality lenses. All lenses in the Junior collection are polycarbonate and shatter resistant with 100% UV protection.

So remember, the next time you go to the drugstore, stick to buying tissues and a pack of gum!

The Ray-Ban Junior collection runs from $59-$79.

One Comment on “Here Comes The Sun”

  1. Maia says:

    These look great but I guess I would be concerned that my little one would either lose them or sit on them, and then there goes my $50 😦


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