DMK “Everything Counts”

Yesterday I came across one of the best music videos I’ve seen on YouTube in a very long time. It wasn’t Lady Gaga or Madonna, but a father and his 2 young kids performing a cover of Depeche Mode’s 80’s classic “Everything Counts”.

The name of the Columbia based band is DMK. Band members include Dicken Schrader and his children, 9-year-old daughter Milah and 6-year-old son Korben. The extremely handsome dad sings lead and effortlessly plays 4 musical instruments at one time including a synthesized Coke bottle.

It’s very obvious when you watch the video that this trio is talented, but it’s the love and chemistry between the father and his 2 kids that make this video so special. I seriously couldn’t stop smiling while watching them perform. I want to be adopted into their family!

The video was released in December 2011 and already has over 1 million hits.

To learn more about this extraordinary family check out their Facebook page at:

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