Hungry for Fashion

Normally when my son Max spills food on himself I’m running to blot the stains, but not anymore. From now on he will wear the ketchup blobs on his shirt proudly.

Food, as crazy as that sounds is the latest trend in kids wear for Spring. It’s time to throw away the bibs and wet naps and embrace your child’s messy eating habits.

Check out our smorgasbord of fave foodie fashions.

1. Stella McCartney Kids Banana cowboy print t-shirt $44.00

2. Mini Boden Hotchpotch T-shirt dress $40.00

3. Gap Kids  Striped candy bag $12.99

4. Mini Rotation Lovesicle tee $24.00

5. Vans Cheeseburger Slip-on sneaker $37.00

6. Mini Boden Funky print t-shirt $24.00

7. Stella McCartney Kids Fruit Face t-shirt $44.00

8. Mini Rotation Hotdog High 5 onesie $24.00

9. Baby Loves Pink Cheeseburger Necklace $18.00

10. Mini Boden Funky Print Dress w/ strawberries $44.00

11. Gap Kids Long sleeve graphic tee w/ cupcake $11.99

One Comment on “Hungry for Fashion”

  1. Maia says:

    These are all soooo super cute!


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