My Muse Max

This is Max. My very stylish little boy and the love of my life. As many of you may know, I’ve been a fashion stylist for over 15 years. When Max was born I had already decided that I was going to stay home with him for the first year of his life. I never anticipated that my lack of employment would turn into a very serious obsession with dressing up my son. He became my new best (and only) client. This might sound crazy, but I’ve styled Max almost everyday since he’s been born. He’s now 4 years old. And please understand, there’s a huge difference between just getting dressed and being styled. Getting dressed basically means grabbing a top and bottom and throwing on some shoes. And don’t get me wrong, there’s nothin’ wrong with that! I do it all the time (for myself). When you style someone there’s a lot of thought and preparation involved. For me, dressing Max is fun.

I normally lay out Max’s outfit the night before. I am in pure heaven while I’m trying to put together his “look” for the day. I’ve styled some pretty major celebrities during my career, but I’ve never enjoyed styling someone as much as my son.  I love dressing him! I look forward to dressing him! I am obsessed with dressing him!

Above is a photo of Max in his sailor suit from a family cruise we took around a year ago. I think there’s something so retro about a kid in a sailor suit. It reminds me of photos we’d see of our grandparents when they were little. And before you all make fun of me for dressing my kid like Popeye, please check out Gwen Stefani’s fashion forward Spring kid’s line for Harajuku Mini at Target. It’s all sailor inspired!

The “My Muse Max” section of Super Goody Bag will be dedicated to my boy Max and all his stylish ways!

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