Super Goody Bag’s Top Snow Boots for 2012

I have no recollection what kind of winter boots I wore as a kid? The only thing I do remember is having to stick my feet in recycled Wonderbread plastic bags in order to help slide my chubby feet into the boots. Maybe if my mom had bought me cooler snowshoes for winter, I would have more vivid memories than the random breadcrumb stuck in between my toes?

Here are my top picks for snow boots for 2012. Guaranteed to keep all your little snowmen and snow bunnies tooties warm and dry. No plastic bags required.

1. Camper  Stories “pengiuin boots” $79.00

2. Sorel  Tivoli snowboot in cinder/reef $49-$79

3. Crocs Kosmoboot in ultraviolet $39.99

4. Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Style 111990 $40.99

5. Camper Wabiboot $55.00

6. Bogs Highboot $70.00

7. Camper 90154 Stories “Puppy Boot” $105.00

8. Circo Nectar & Nadina Boots $8.98

9. Roc-A-Bouts Everest Boots $48.95

10. Burberry Shearling Lined Weather Boot $295.00

11. Camper 90147 Peu Cami $69.00

12.Tundra Glacier Boot in black/red plaid $41.99

13. Tecnica Kids Moon Boot in white $59.99

14. Kazowe Alexandria in pink $79.95

15. EMU Little Creatures Boots $70.99

16. Target Janice “Kitty Boots” $16.08

17. Tretorn Kids Sno Boots $35.99

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